Behind the Scenes

"Hands 2 the Face" is hosted by Stephanie "Kai" Powell.

The title of the show refers to a football penalty but also refers to any time a situation makes you grab the sides of your face and say, "whyyyyyyy??" 🙂


After hosting another live webs show with her husband, Stephanie thought it would be fun to try one out on her own so she could be more raw and authentic to her personality and opinions with no holds barred.

One thing that she learned during her years of production and hosting of events and shows is that she has strong opinions.  Sometimes those opinions come out in very entertaining ways 🙂

"Hands 2 the Face" is all things sports and entertainment and their surrounding culture through Stephanie's eyes and her guests.

Enjoy the ride!!


Have a topic or want to be a guest?

If you have a great idea for a topic you'd like to see on the show or have suggestions for guests, please contact us! Stephanie@Hands2TheFace.com